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Whether you're looking for a swimsuit for the beach, a bra for everyday comfort, a cozy pajama for relaxing at home, or a pair of stockings for a special occasion, you'll find it all at Diamony. We offer a wide range of swimwear, lingerie, loungewear and hosiery for women and men of all shapes and sizes. Browse our online catalog or visit our store to discover our latest collections and enjoy our friendly service and affordable prices. Discover the perfect fit for all your swimwear, lingerie, loungewear and hosiery needs at our shop. We offer a wide range of styles and sizes for both women and men. Our collection includes bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, bras, panties, robes, pajamas and more. Shop now to elevate your wardrobe with our stylish and functional pieces.

Immerse yourself in Diamony's world where luxury meets comfort in every stitch. Explore our curated selection of glamorous swimwear, nightwear, loungewear, scarves, hosiery, silk essentials, and lingerie, meticulously crafted with the finest materials to the highest standards of quality in both workmanship and design.

Diamony Swimwear & Beachwear Collection

Dive into elegance with Diamony's exquisite swimwear and beachwear collection carefully selected from the finest fabrics. From chic swimsuits to trendy bikinis complemented with sundresses and beach accessories ensuring a perfect fit for every style. Explore a palette of vibrant colors and timeless designs that exude confidence and make every beach moment exquisite.

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Diamony Sleepwear & Loungewear Collection

Indulge in luxurious comfort with Diamony's sleepwear and loungewear collection. Elevate your moments of relaxation with our wide array of nightwear sets, pajamas, dressing gowns and loungewear crafted from premium materials. Our exclusive sleep and lounge collection provides the perfect balance of comfort, style, and sophistication.

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Our Winter Collection

Diamony Lingerie Collection

Discover allure and comfort with Diamony's exquisite lingerie collection. From luxurious bras and briefs to seductive thongs and bodysuits, our range combines modern designs with the softness of high-quality materials. Elevate your confidence with lingerie that seamlessly blends everyday elegance and intimate allure, redefining your sense of style with every wear.

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Diamony Scarves Collection

Wrap yourself in elegance with Diamony's premium selection of scarves and ponchos. Crafted from luxurious fabrics like cashmere, silk and wool, our high-end collection exudes elegance, style, and sophistication. Elevate your look effortlessly with our range of chic scarves and ponchos, designed to add a touch of refinement to every outfit.

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Diamony Man Collection

Explore comfort and style with Diamony's exclusive men's collection of premium swimwear and sleepwear. From stylish shirts, swimming shorts and beach accessories to luxurious pajamas, night robes and jackets, our selection offers the perfect combination of functionality and fashion. Elevate your style with our ultimate collection, curated specifically for the modern fashionable man.

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Diamony Hosiery & Tights Collection

Step into sophistication with Diamony's exquisite hosiery collection. Elevate your attire effortlessly with our range of high-quality socks, stay-ups, and tights in both classic and fashionable designs. Explore an array of deniers and shades, from sheer elegance to opaque chic, adding a flawless touch for every outfit.

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